I don’t know about you, but I feel so off balanced. it seems when I have one area all balanced another area of my life is off balanced. its time to come up with a plan and figure out how to become balanced. but How?

I have been reading a few blog posts about areas of having a balance life. what I have learned from these various blog posts about being balanced is that there are Five Areas that need to been balanced and in harmony with each other. these five areas are: Mind, body, spirit, social and finance. if these areas are not in harmony with each other things just don’t line up. it might feel like life does, but soon down the road things will start becoming off balance. So how does one maintain and keep in balance in all these areas with out becoming overwhelmed and exhausted.

If you think you can attack all these areas overnight, your crazy and will overwhelm and burn out quickly. First, you must write a list of the different things that you want to work on in each area and then come up with a plan to achieve each item that you would like to have balanced.

Mind: thinkingI’m going to work on how I talk to myself. I have always struggled with saying positive things to myself. its easier to praise and raise someone else up then it is myself. its so easy to look in the mirror and point out all the things that are wrong. So, I am going to start telling myself “I am beautiful” and Praise my self with Positive affirmations. not only will in look at myself in the mirror but I will also post positive notes around my room with encouragement. I also, do a lot of reading. mostly romance novels. this month I am putting the romance novels down and going to start reading self help books in becoming happy and healthy and will blog about the books I read and what I learn. 

WguRBody: I am very obese and unhealthy. I need to change my focus and get back on track. I am actually getting my meds tomorrow once I get paid. super excited. because I will have my weight loss meds and my thyroid meds. I am also going to put together a weekly activity to do thought out the week. either dancing, going on walks, or working on my exercise bike. I am going to set a timer every day to work out and sit to it. I am also, going to go off soda and start watching what I am eating. going to write down my calories. hands

Spirit: I think I do okay in this area, for the most part. but I do need to set time aside to study my come follow me and read my scriptures and praying more.

Hanging-with-friends-clipart.jpgSocial: this area, is pretty covered. with going dancing every other weekend and spending time with friends. I do need to work on doing better on spending time with my family.

Finance: this area, I need major help. I am so in debt. I am putting together a plan andmoney I will work really hard on sticking to it. I get paid tomorrow. so this will be a big test for me tomorrow when I sit down to pay bills and figure out my budget.

now, its time to put together a plan to become balanced.

what are you going to work on this week?




Re-energizing oneself

This last Saturday I had a break down. I told my sister and brother in law that i wanted to move and start over with tears streaming down my face. I felt like I was stuck and could no longer move forward with where I was at and thought that moving would change that. I thought that by now I would have a car, my own place and be more independent and i wasn’t. and yet, I wasn’t doing anything about it. I hadn’t sat down and came up with goals or a plan to get out of debt so that i could afford the car that i want or even started saving up to move on my own. nope, i figure it would just all happen.

So, I need a reset/refresh/re-energized button. resetbuttonredWith a blessing from my brother in law and sitting down with his help. I put together a plan to start paying off my debt and put money towards a car. this month is going to be very tight with funds but by the end of the month I am sure that I will start seeing the fruits of my labor.

this Months theme is: Re-Energizing.

so, to get started here is a list of things you can do to get started:

  • de-clutter your space. ( I really need to work on just keeping my room clean)
  • go on a walk – going on a walk this coming week with friends. hopefully it will be warm.
  • have a gratitude journal and write down your blessings
  • read a good book
  • create a vision board of what you want for your self
  • revisit goals – its a great time to revisit due to being already in the third month of the year.
  • exercise – come up with a plan to work out several times a week and go on walks at work
  • go dancing – turn on some music and just dance around the house, you will find that this will up lift your spirit quickly. Oldies is a great station to do that
  • get a Manicure
  • get your hair done – with a new hair style or hair color, it gives you the confidence that you can take on the world. ( note to self: dye hair)
  • go out with friends – very important to take time for those around you.

Time For a Check In

check inIts been awhile since I went to the doctors, at least a few months. last visit was in December. since then I have lost two pounds. Wahoo. not thrilled. but haven’t gained so thats good. will I am back on meds and going to get started with losing more weight and getting health. my next appointment in on March 21 and I plan on being down 5-10 pounds. thats three weeks away, but I can do it.

Starting Weight: 317

Todays Weight: 292.

Goal: 282/280 ( I can do this)

2019 BUCKET LIST – Updated

bucket list


  • Operetta: Die Fledermaus (German: “The Bat”) at UVU Regan Theatur – Jan 16th 
  • “Roots of Knowledge” stain glass painting at UVU Library – Jan 16th
  • run a 5k less then an hour
  • lose 30 pounds ( right now, I am at 25 pounds, 5 more to go)
  • visit my extended family in Vegas –Jan 28th. 
  • Witness a Temple marriage – Jan 28th, my cousin got married. it was beautiful
  • learn a new hobby
  • read/audio book 50 Books this year (so far I am at 6 books)
  • blog more – at least once a week or twice –
  • read scriptures every day for 10 mins.
  • go to the temple (once a month) – Okay, I made it for January, but not for Feburary, will do better this month
  • get new glasses
  • go to the dentist
  • find a new job – one that pays better
  • save up for a car ($1000 if not more) – I have put together a financial plan and looking forward to putting it in action this next pay check. 
  • visit historical sites
  • go on dates with my nieces and nephews ( will have to figure something out about the three that i don’t live with, need a car)
  • visit my brother Adam and his family in EL PASO
  • go zip lining
  • take a cooking class
  • go to a play
  • take ballroom lessons
  • learn to country swing


I’m sure I will add more through out the year and will keep you up to date as I cross things off this year.

finding self worth – 2019 motto

This Year is going to be not only about losing weight and getting healthy but also about the changes that go along with it: mentally and emotionally. one of my biggest struggles in life besides being obese. Is seeing my self-worth. I have always placed my self worth in th (1)other people’s hands and went on about my life based upon how they treated me. but I have realized that those around me who knew and loved me treated me with love and respect because they them self had self-worth for who they were and wouldn’t allow those around them treat them any different. so looking back over my life I haven’t really treated myself with any worth. and I allow others to treat me just like I treat my self.


Do you find that is the same for you too? I always felt that if I was a big girl/woman then no one would hurt me. but the thing is how can gaining weight stop someone from hurting me when I am hurting my self. you can’t be treated with love and respect if you love and respect your self first. so, this year I am going to work really hard to treating my self with love and respect and learning about self-worth and self-love. and other subjects that I find that will be helpful to unmasking oneself. this year is going to get real. with tears of either joy or pain. but I am opening that door today and walking through it and I am ready. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.

Turning 38

Yesterday January 16th, was my Birthday. I have been struggling thinking about how its going to be being the same age as my mother when she died back in 2000 in a car accident. being the oldest its hard to go through this and I am sure its going to be hard next year when I have out lived her. I have been doing a lot of thinking about being 38 and what this year will bring. what things are a head of me, what doors will be opened and which ones will close. if I am going to fail or win. my sister who is just amazing and I love her so much to me this last night “Live being 38 the way you want to, not they way mom would have. dont compare your life to hers, do 38 the way you want to do it”

So I shall…….

My birthday was amazing. Filled with love and being appreciated by friends and family.  it was a great way to start being 38, went to dinner at Noodles and Company with friends and my sister, saw an Operetta: Des Fledermaus at the UVU Regan Theature, nest was the Roots of knowledge stain-glass window at the UVU library and of course everything else that I did through out the day.

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I was looking over several pictures and posts on Facebook and realized that I have actually achieved a lot this year. I turned 37. made lots of new friends, thrown tons of parties, did a lot of dancing, traveled to Arizona and Texas to see family, sang a solo in my ward, got my drivers license back, received my temple recommend and a calling in my singles ward as an outside-unit liaison committee member, and started my weight loss journey back in September of 2018. my starting weight was 317. As of January 1st, 2019 I have lost 29 pounds and weight 288. Its a great way to start the year. I cant wait to see what happens this year.