1st Week Weight In

Starting Weight: 317weight scale

Today – Current Weight: 307

I am super excited. I am down 10 pounds in a week.  I have stop drinking soda, eating junk food. I started using my fitness app on my phone to log my food intake and I also went on a walk this week. The air hasn’t been that great here in Utah County due to the two fires in the area, so I wasn’t able to go on more walks. but this next week, I am going to work on going walking at least three times. that’s the goal,

my goal is to be less then 300 by Oct 4th when I go and see my doctor.

Hope your doing good on your journey. Have a wonderful Sunday.


A Change of Focus – What Can My Body Do?

change your focus

When it comes to losing weight I always struggle. I do good for a few months and then it all goes down the drain. Have you ever felt like that?

So, I decided that I am going to work on changing my focus and instead of looking at the results I am going to focus on what I can do. What my body is able to do “NOW”. changing quote

let me example:

I fall while roller skating in January 2014 and tore my MCL in my left knee. between January to April of 2014, I fall totally of 4 times due to my knee and by the fourth time that I fall, I completely tore my ACL. it was so hard to walk, I was on crutches majority of that year. since then I have used my knee as an excuse to not really do anything physical. afraid of hurting my knee again and knowing how painful it was during that time, I really did’t want a repeat. But, because I have been using that as my excuse. I have missed out on so many opportunity. like going repelling with my ward, zip lining with my family or even going on a simple hike in the mountains. fear

I can’t live in fear anymore. I can’t allow my knees to get in the way of living my life and experiencing things.

So, this coming week I am going to focus on what my body can do now and then move forward to improving it. For example: right now I can walk a mile with no problems, so next time I go on a walk, I am going to see if I can walk a Mile and half and just keep improving.

I hope you join me in focusing on what your body does for you now and improving it just a little bit this week. If you do decide to join me in this Change of Focus on what your body can do for you. please leave a comment of what you plan on doing this week.



I hadn’t expected my 1st 5k to be an emotional thing. Apparently when your walking/running a race, when you get to the finish line there’s something that makes you cry. or maybe its just tears of joy that it’s over.

let me explain. On August 3; my sister, her husband and four kids ( two boys and two girls), my brother (Donny) and myself included ran ( I walked) the “GLOW RUN” in Provo, Ut. to celebrate Donny’s birthday.


The race started at 9:30 pm. The energy was crazy, there were people everywhere. there were people talking in groups, others stretching and getting ready to run, some on their phones either getting their Map my walk/Run ready and music going, and me….I was standing next to my sister, plotting how I was going to get out of doing this race.

all of a sudden, the race began. it was so crowded that instead of people actually running we were all just walking at a slow pace until we got out of the parking lot of the mall. there were police blocking off roads and waving us in the direction of the race. Once we were out of the parking lot it seemed like everyone took off running and I was alone pushing two little girls in a stroller and my nephew yelling behind him ” Come on Marie, Faster”.  after some time walking in the dark, I could tell that my nephew really wanted to run, so i told him to go head and  i would  keep the girls with me. he said “no, I’ll take the girls” and off he went into the darkness.

As I reached the half way mark, I was debating if I should turn left and continue the race or turn right and head to the finish line.  As I was debating what i should do, my nephew runs pass me with the girls, yelling “your almost there, you can do it”. AHHHHHH Man, I just got called out by a 13-year-old. grumbling to myself, i turn left.

I was about two and half blocks away from the finish line, my feet were hurting and I was really thirsty. all of a sudden as if someone had read my mind, both of my nephews come running towards me with water. As i drank the water, my nephews were informing me that i wasn’t that far away and that i could do it. ( they are 13 and 12 year olds, coaching their aunt of 37, I love these boys).  As I gathered what little energy i had I started a slow running pace. ( I have bad knees, so to me this was running, to my nephews it was a fast walk), they cheered me on saying ” your almost there”, ” you can do it”.

Next came, my brother and brother-in-law cheering me on towards the finish line. “Marie, its right around the corner”, ” you can do this”, “just keep breathing”. by this time, my lungs where burning, and I thought I was going to die.

Then….I saw my sister standing at the corner right before you turn to run towards the finish line. I started crying. I can still hear her voice saying ” Marie, look its right there, you got this girl” as she started running next to me at my pace. I had my whole family running with me towards the finish line, with their voices echoing “your right there”, “you got this”

As I came closer to the finish line, my family back off and I ran across that finish line by myself. I finished my first 5k in 1 hour and 7 minutes. And I didn’t die.

What I learned from this race is this: it doesn’t matter if you finish first or finish last. it only matters how you finish. there were so many times during that race that i wanted to give up and just quit. but, during those moments of doubt, I received encouragement from my family at various points along the way.

I am so truly grateful for my family. they are my rock and I know i can always count on them being there for me and i for them. they never let me down and they never put me down (I do that enough on my own).

I will tell you this. the next race I do, I plan on beating my time. even if its only by a few minutes.


Doctor’s Orders

Hey there, thank you for joining me on my journey to “Unmasking the Truth”. I had a hard time trying to come up with a name for my blog, but once I heard “Unmasking the Truth” I felt so much power and knew that’s what my journey is going to be all about.

Creating-Milestone-Rewards-Weight-LossOn August 6th, I meet with a new family doctor, who specializes in woman care. she was highly recommend by my sister. (Actually, my sister wouldn’t leave me alone until I made the appointment, I am so glad she did).  As I sat in the room waiting to meet with this new doctor, I thought to myself. This is it. This is where I will have to face the fact that my body is falling apart and I can only blame myself. I didn’t want to take responsibility for not exercising, for eating junk food and hamburgers.

But, I had to. For me. I couldn’t or should I say, I can’t do that to my self anymore. living with my body like it is right now. is painful.

So, when the Doctor walked in asking: What can I do for you today? I said. I need HELP! and started crying. yep. right there in front of the nurse and doctor, I cried like a baby and told them everything. who knew that going to the doctors was so emotional.

I am so glad she heard me, that she really heard me and that she answered the call. we set up a plan, she put me on Phentermine to help with the cravings, I’m allowed between 1200-1500 calories a day and to “STOP” drinking soda.

Will I am happy to report I haven’t had a soda since Friday afternoon ( I drank half of a diet cherry coke and threw it away) and its day three of my weight loss journey.

This morning for kicks and giggles. I weighted myself. probably shouldn’t have since its only day three, but I did. and guess what. I weight 314  pounds. yep I lost 3 pounds, what’s also amazing is that I woke up at 7 am this morning with energy ( that normal never happens) and I haven’t needed to take a nap and I didn’t think about food all day. I actually had to remind my self to eat.

What a great feeling. I have never gone a day without thinking about food. Plus, I have never had to remind my self to eat. I have to say that is a “Win”.

I have my monthly check up with my doctor on Oct 4th, and I can’t wait to see what happens between now and then. Stay Tune.





Taking Responsibility

own-itHi, I decided to step up and take responsibility for “NOT” living a healthy lifestyle. they say the first step is admitting that you have an issue. Will here goes

I, Marie Rowley, am addicted to food. fast-food-clipart-vector

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I did slim fast when I was in high school and couldn’t stand the taste. I have done several over the counter weight loss pills and sure they worked for a while but then the weight would just come back.

Last August 2017, I started a program called “Take Shape For Life” and for three months I was doing awesome. I lost a total of 30 pounds. However, I wasn’t able to continue paying for the food due to changing jobs and have now gained it all back, plus more.

As of September 6th, 2018, I weight 317 pounds. Wow. 1024px-New_Mexico_317.svgI never thought that i would put that out there for the world to see. Sure, you can see I’m morbid obese just by looking at my picture. but what you don’t see is the pain pain-star2underneath all that weight. it hurts to get up off the couch/chair, to climb stairs, walk, stand for just a few minutes. there are days when I wake up and my feet hurt and i haven’t even gotten out of bed yet. I even struggle putting on my own socks and shoes.

This has to end. And it can only end with me. if I don’t “Take Responsibility” now and change the way I am living my life, I will fall apart…Actually I already am. body-falling-apart1-300x203So, to take charge of my life, I have started my weight loss program with my doctor. I am already on Day Two and so far I am doing good. I am working on not drinking soda, and watching my intake. I am already starting to notice that I have a little bit more energy.

As time goes on during this new adventure, I am sure that I will be “Unmasking The Truth” of who I really am. I look forward to finally meeting my true Self.